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Working with Portable Communions Sets

One big role that portable communion sets play is that it helps to win over people to the Lord.

The Holy Communion is part of an important Christian tradition.

Often, people mistake Baptism as similar to Communion, but they are not since the former happens only once in a Christian’s life and the other is something that is practiced all through the life of a person.

Catholics are the ones that uphold the Communion tradition since before. Christians are reminded of Christ and his suffering for humankind through the celebration of the Communion.

You will find several essential factors that make up this ceremony. However, there are two most popular factors, the bread and the wine.

For Christians, there are three main perspectives when it comes to the bread and wine.

One view is that there is transubstantiation that occurs and the bread and wine actually becomes the real body and blood of Christ.

A second view holds that the bread and wine remain unchanged, but the Lord’s presence is done spiritually and made real through faith.

The last view that most Christians hold is that the bread and wine are used as merely symbols. It represents the body and blood of the Lord and remembers the sacrifice that he has done for the people.

Anyone can go ahead and join in a Communion. These are normally done in service, but there are also priests that perform the service in remote areas where there are no proper places for worship.

People who live in remote areas can now participate in communions, thanks to portable communion sets that are used by the clergy. With this, priests can go ahead and conduct the service without any problem.

Portable communion sets are essential tools that the priest needs or any member of the clergy in any denomination if he is assigned to a remote area or place.

There are many places that a clergy might make use of these portable sets.

For instance, it can be used in a hospital, a nursing home or even during the battlefield. This makes it easier for people to join and participate in this sacred worship without having to attend the church.

In a communion set, there are four main elements. You have the cruet, the paten, the chalice, and the pyx. There are also various sizes for the communion sets; they can be small or large.

To make it portable, it is accompanied with a carrying case. Some pieces are designed ornately while others are made from simple silver.

Each part of the piece has a purpose and function. For example, there is the cruet, which is a small bottle where the wine is stored. You also have the Paten, which is a small disk or plate that holds the communion wafers.

You also have the pyx; this is a small, round container that contains the sacramental bread. Lastly, you have the chalice, which holds the wine and often called the communion cup.

All of these help to make up the elements that are part of portable communion sets.

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Leather Bible Covers - Protecting Your Beloved Book

If you value your faith above all else, then surely you want to take care of God’s Book as well by making use of leather Bible covers.

Using a bible cover for your Bible is important since it helps protect it from excessive damage.

Bibles are an essential part of the Christian faith. They are the means by which we are able to read and understand the story of Jesus and the history of man.

The Bible was written by over 40 writers and have been around for several centuries. Even though there are multiple writers and over 66 different books, it is still considered to be a book that addresses one central figure.

The Bible is divided between the Old Testament and the New Testament. They separated it according to the information that it presented.

Pretty much everything that had happened or all that was recorded before Christ came is compiled in the Old Testament.  It has 39 books in the Protestant Bible and Catholics have about 46 or 47.

After about 400 years, the New Testament came to be written. The 400 years is also known as “silent years.” Some events that happened in this period are found in the Catholic Bible in the Apocrypha books.

The New Testament discusses the events that happened during Christ’s time and all the events that are yet to come which are outlined in the book of Revelation.

The Bible is considered by Christians to be the only complete history book, detailing the beginning and end of mankind. Hence, it is only proper to protect it dearly.

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Leather Bible covers are a great way of protecting your Bible. You can keep it away from dust and other harmful things that could easily damage it.

There are many Bible covers available and most are made from different materials, however, if you want something that will last a long time, then get the leather ones.

However, before you actually do, there are several things that you need to consider.

First, find out the right size for your Bible. Different covers have different sizes, so it is important to get the right one to ensure a snug fit for your Bible.

Second, pick out your ideal color. You can choose from a variety of colors. For example, women like to get bold colored covers like red.

Men usually like dark blue or black while teenage girls sometimes go for hot pink or bright purple.

Third, pick the right design that matches your personality. Allow the cover to showcase your style and identity. On the other hand, you can pick out a design that is simple, it’s really up to you to decide.

Overall, choosing the right leather Bible covers takes time and effort, just like any other shopping spree.

The bottom line is that you need to pick a design or color that makes you happy and most importantly protects your special Bible.

Wearing Christian Rings to Show Your Faith for the Lord

 Some people look at Christian rings as fashion while others are purely passionate about the significance of wearing such jewelry. Other people incorporate both meanings into the Christian rings they wear on their fingers. Wearing these accessories not only exhibit your fashion sense, but also showcases your faith in God. It shows your love for the person who saved you.

There are many kinds of Christian rings available. Some of the most common ones, of course, are engagement or wedding rings. Since marriage is a special occasion, couples are interested in having something that also makes a statement and shows how special their love for one another is. Getting a Christian ring for your wife or husband to be is the perfect testament to your commitment, love and faith in God and each other.

Young adults are also starting to feel the trend of Christian rings. One popular kind today is the purity ring. This ring is worn when someone promises to remain pure until they are married. Popular young celebrities, most notably, the Jonas Brothers, are wearing such rings, thus, influencing a huge majority of teenagers and pre-teens.

Worn not just for fashion, Christian jewelry or rings translates a deeper meaning for the person wearing them. Before you wear one, it is important to grasp why you are wearing such a ring. Personally, the meanings might vary, but there is only one meaning that is universal, Christian rings shows the person’s love and dedication to the Lord, himself  as well as other people.

If you have decided to buy yourself a Christian ring, the first thing that you ask yourself is, “Where can I buy them?” Wearing Christian rings or jewelry shows your faith and devotion to God. Specific jewelry, like the ring, can also symbolize or show your love or commitment to your partner or to your own values. With their increasing popularity, they are no longer difficult to find.

There are two places where you can buy these kinds of rings. You have an option to surf the web and look for them online, or you can just look for a local retail shop and buy them there. Most people would recommend that you purchase your Christian rings through a local shop since the revenue for their purchase can help push the Lord’s cause forward. Christian organizations usually use their revenues to aid in charity or donate it to a church. Thus, you are helping them spread the word of God.

On the other hand, your second option would be to go online. With the use of the Internet, you can find and buy almost anything, including Christian jewelry and rings. Best of all, you don’t have to leave your home. You can just sit in front of your computer, Google potential shops; settle on a design and order it. Some shops also allow you to customize your rings. This will help add a personal touch to them. Another good thing with getting it online is that there are plenty of discounts given, especially if the holiday season is approaching since they make beautiful and meaningful gifts to loved ones.

Going online also means getting good discounts. This is especially true if the holiday season is fast approaching. They lower the price because these serve as great gifts for friends and family members.

Christian rings are just one of the many ways a person can show his faith. They can become silent witnesses for the Lord and proclaim Christ as their Lord and Savior without saying one word.  When someone sees you wearing Christian rings, it can be a way to strike up a good conversation, to open up and share your faith in the Lord.
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Studying the Bible through Christian Software

 We already use computers in almost everything that we do, so what prevents us from using it in studying the Bible? Getting a deeper and more meaningful life can be achieved in using Christian software to study the Word of God. You cannot deny the fact that technology, like the computer and the Internet, is a huge part of our existence today. It is essential for our work and our recreation, so why not make use of it for our spiritual life?

Making use of Christian software can help us in our Bible study. Ordinary believers as well as the clergy can make use of them since they are simple, but very comprehensive. Regularly, the price of these softwares can range from zero to about a hundreds of dollars since some websites offer them free while others include other special features in the software, hence it is more expensive. There are several advantages in using these softwares, for example, obtaining Bible Scripture becomes so much easier rather than using a regular Bible.

Apart from having a digital version of the Bible, you also have the option to enhance your learning by using the study guides and learning aides it includes. These softwares usually have reference material contained in them. For example, there is a particular place that is mentioned or a particular word that you might be confused or want to learn something about. Most softwares would include extra information about these. Christian software is definitely very useful.

Using Christian software in your Bible study helps deepen your spiritual life as well as make it convenient for you. With the high tech gadgets we can use now, it will not be a problem to access software using portable gadgets. There are times when we cannot carry an actual Bible with us, it helps if we have other means of getting to the Holy Scriptures and not miss out on our daily bread.

You will get plenty of benefits when you use the Bible Software. Christians believe that the Bible is the most sacred book since it relates the story and life of the Lord. If you are a dedicated Christian, then you would not want to miss out on your Bible devotion every day.

One advantage with this Bible software is that it can bring people together. You can use it to conduct group study sessions, whether it is a small or large group. People who have no clue what the Bible is or about the saving blood of Christ, will be able to gain insight from this. This will also help attract children since there are options for animation sequences included in most of these softwares.

There is another major benefit with having Bible software and that is the fact that it can be used to bring people together. How, you ask? People are able to come together to study since they can be used to conduct group study sessions. It is also a good tool to use to spread the Word of the Lord and the Story of Christ. These softwares are reliable teaching tools for the young and the old. There are child-friendly options like animations that can be used to explain Bible stories to children. For adults, there are options to use applied stories that help make it more interesting.

You can download various softwares on your personal computer including Bible Christian software. Since we already spend most of our time in front of the computer, why not use it for something more important, like studying the Holy Scriptures? Though it is not a complete substitute, it should make learning a bit easier.
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Looking To Help Your Bible Knowledge? Reviews of the Top Bible Help Books

For those of you who are looking for some very good Bible aids so as to help you understand and interpret our Bible, here is a list of some of the absolute best aids on this subject matter.

In these Bible aids you will find every single verse of the Bible properly interpreted for you when you are having a hard time in deciphering what a particular Scripture verse may mean. For those of you who are serious in your study of Scripture, each one of these aids are truly indispensable.

1. "The Illustrated Guide to Biblical History" by Kendell Easley

For those of you looking for a good book that will give you a nice, basic overview of the history of our Christian faith - this particular book does a very nice job for you. This overview is presented in a very easy-to-understand and follow manner. This book enables you to locate specific people and events on the correct timeline as they occurred in the Bible at a very quick glance. This book also has many colored photographs and maps so you can see where all of these incredible events took place.

2.  "The Three-In-One Bible Reference Companion" by Thomas Nelson

This is one of my absolute favorites as far as a Bible reference guide. It is a combination concordance, topical index and dictionary. You can look up the meaning of a word for its definition, and right underneath the word will be all of the Scripture verses that will have that word in it. All of the words and topics are listed alphabetically so that you can find what you are looking for a very fast glance. This book combines the best features of a Bible dictionary, concordance and encyclopedia. All of the most important words listed in the Bible are in this book.

3.  "Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary" edited by Trent Butler

This particular Bible reference book has become one of the best selling reference tools since it was first published back in 1991. This book has very good definitions on all of the main  words in the Bible, along with 600 full color photos, illustrations and charts to help explain the meaning of the words to you. It also has some of the latest archaeological information from some of the different Jerusalem excavations.Very thorough and very complete Bible dictionary.

4.  "Holman Bible Handbook" by David Dockery

This book goes into each of the individual 66 books of the Bible. It gives very good commentary on all of the key themes and sections in the different books of the Bible along with giving a many full-color photos, illustrations, charts and maps of some of the events that occurred in the Bible. Everything presented in a nice and easy to understand format, even for beginners. These kinds of books will help accelerate your knowledge in the Bible and will save you years and years of having to do this kind of research for yourself.

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